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    CC Smear issues with After Effects CC

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      I have tried to use the CC Smear tool for a project. I have tried doing it on After effects CS5, CS6 and CC. Everytime I use the tool it causes tearing or distortion. I am assuming this is the bug that was suppose to be fixed with After Effects CC? I have downloaded the latest update for after effects CC but it still does it. I still have After Effects CS6 installed if that might be related to the issue? I have included a pic which shows on this frame the image has tried to regenerate and has added grey matter also.



      Any suggestions? Thank You

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          I'm honestly not clear on what you are trying to say here. There is no bug, the tool works just fine. Deducting from your image I can only see that you are using a layer style and that may actualyl be the problem - they are applied after any effects and may look odd if the layer content produces semi-transparent areas. Well, whatever, the same old AE trope is true: In case of doubt, pre-compose.