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    <cfschedule> pause, resume, and delete not working


      I am running CF10 fully updated (10,0,11,285437) and I cannot get the <cfschedule> tag pause/resume to work properly.  This is what I noticed at first, then I realized later the delete does not work either.  I always get:


      The following task could not be found: myTask.


      I am running CF10 64bit and Apache 2.2 (32bit) on Windows Server 2008 R2 and I am running virtual hosts under a single IP.  The <cfschedule> 'update' and 'list' tags work just fine as well do the 'pauseAll' and 'resumeAll' for groups.  I unfortunately do not have another 64bit server to attempt setting this up on again and verify the issue.  I'm hoping someone else can give me some ideas on where to go next here, because I really need to use this functionality and I've already had 1 other person tell me it works for them under CF10.


      Please, any help or suggestions on what to try would be really appreciated.


      Here's a paste of my sample code that breaks.



      <cfschedule action="update" task="myTask" group="myGroup" mode="application" interval="300" requesttimeout="60" startdate="01/01/2000" starttime="00:00:00" url="http://www.google.com" />

      <cfschedule action="list" mode="application" result="tasks" />



      <cfquery name="tasks" dbtype="query">

                SELECT * FROM tasks

                WHERE lower(task) = <cfqueryparam value="#lcase('myTask')#" cfsqltype="cf_sql_varchar" />




      <cfdump var="#tasks#" /><br /><br />


      <cfschedule action="pauseAll" group="myGroup" mode="application" />          <!--- Works --->

      <cfschedule action="resumeAll" group="myGroup" mode="application" />          <!--- Works --->


      <cfschedule action="pause" task="myTask" />          <!--- Fails --->

      <cfschedule action="delete" task="myTask" />          <!--- Fails --->


      Thanks in advance,