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    Instance name and Var for Input Text fields

    Chazza2003 Level 1
      I have several Input Text fields, as a form, linked to a PHP script for which I require Var's for each field.

      But I also need Instance names for each field, so I can fix the tabIndex.

      Yet, everytime I test my movie, the text fields have their Paths (_level0.fName) written in them.

      They are normally blank, and I've tried putting in some text of my own, but the Var name is still displayed in the text fields.
      Is there any way I can stop that from happening, and keep both the Instance names and Var's in-place.

      As far as I know, I need both the Instance name (for the tabIndex) and the Var (for the PHP script) or is there a way that the tabIndex and PHP script will work with either of the two?