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    Preserving vector shapes from Illustrator when going to Photoshop

    Ziplinski Level 1

      Is there a trick to having your vector shapes from illustrator import into Photoshop as (vector) shape layers?


      I swear I used to be able to do it, but now it's not working. If I remember correctly, you had to keep your layers very simple (with now special Appearance settings, etc) but you could then Export from inside Illustrator to a PSD file (with Preserve editability checked) and when you opened the file in Photoshop you had all your vector shapes from Illustrator as Photoshop vector shape layers.  What I get now is all the shapes on separate layers, but they are all rasterized.


      FWIW, I know that I can copy and paste paths via the clipboard into Photoshop and then choose to bring them in as Shape Layers, Smart Objects or raster images -- but I'm looking for something simple where I can convert and entire document at once.



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