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    CS6 Premiere Pro - settings for Canon HV30 ?

    lanstrad Level 1

      I had used that camera under Windows on CS3, then CS4. 


      I unfortunately purchased CS6 for Mac and got the same issue over and over again - wasting hours trying to capture. Tried it on two Macs (one using OS X Lion 10.7.4, the other Mountain Lion 10.8.4). 


      On the Lion machine, no matter which capture setting I chose, I get a crash of Premiere Pro as soon as I just even try to playback the tape (controlled through PPro).   


      On ML machine, I get the message : '' Adobe encxountered a serious error and need to close(......)''


      The camera shows ''HDV'' on top of the screen, then on left of screen ''HDB/DV''. 


      I tried many of the possible options. I tried chosing DV, then HDV - then when the capture setting page opens, I tried most (what appear logical) settings. Even the Canon XF settings. Tried 720p, 1080i30, 1080p30, name it... Still getting the same damn result (no-result) all the times.


      My only solution is to use a Windows 8 machine and capture under PPro CS4... then transfer to a Mac to edit the work.  Not a very good use of time... nor of an investment in CS6. 


      I am going through Firewire 400 in both cases.  And yep, the FW interfaces have been used with other devices - proving the interface is not at cause here. 


      From what I read in these forums, Canon (but also other cams) are causing such headaches. I'm out of ideas here.  I also read about others that seem to have had success with this same cam. Wonder how you did it (if any of you reads this). 


      Thanks for any hint or help.