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    Spreadsheet for data merge

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      I have figured out my first data merge document thanks to an old podcast done by michael murphey.  I got everything to work right and the document populated perfectly.  My question is if there is any more effecient way to input the path into the cells where the picture I want to use goes.  Is this something that I really have to type in manually or is there a way to select all the pictures after they are all in a specific folder and then paste those file paths.  It is quite a headache to do.....my job is fairly small...I can't imagine doing a directory that would include hundreds of records and manually inputting all that information.  Thanks for all your help.

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          There are a couple ways I have done it. Most all the time I simply use the DOS dir command (obvioulsy Windows, I suppose Mac has the same facility).


          Once I have changed to the proper directory (or know the path otherwise),


          dir /b /on > dir.txt


          Will produce a text file formatted thus:












          The "/on" switch is to sort by name.


          I then simply copy or type in the path in my text editor's find/replace dialog, search for the end of paragraph marker, replace that marker with another paragraph marker followed with the path. Hit change all, and I end up with this:









          Or that part can be done in Excel as well. Then I copy the text file to the clipboard, paste it into the proper column.


          There is another way, and that is to use some code in Excel that opens a dialog and builds a sheet. I have never altered the code, but I got it from here:


          http://chandoo.org/forums/topic/automatic-listing-path-of-pictures-in-cell-for-merging-dat a-in-indesign


          Pulls in more info than I want. Might alter it one day, but the dir command is pretty fast.



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            On the Mac you could use Terminal and pwd command and copy / paste the result. Present Working Directory.



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              Colin Flashman Adobe Community Professional

              Easiest way I know is a script by Loic Aigon called imagestocsv.jsx - can be found on this indesignsecrets.com post: http://indesignsecrets.com/import-folder-full-pictures-page.php - just run the script and navigate to the folder that contains the pictures - voila, a text file that contains texts fields of the filename both as text and link location.