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    Words to the wise regarding RAM

    al_bergstein Level 1

      Just started final rendering of a 30 minute HD 1080 video. I have about 4 tracks of video and 6 of audio. Nothing fancy, no green screen or animations. Just a documentary shot in mainly MXF clips with some MOV and AVCHD thrown in. My i7 Windows 64 machine has 4 GBs of RAID, and had 8 GBs of RAM. After trying to render this video out and experiencing constant crashes, I upgraded the RAM to 16 MBs and watched what happened on Windows Task Manager. It was instructive. RAM spiked to close to 15 GBs during rendering, and all 8 Cores were essentially pegged. The video rendered fine with 16 GBs.  It shows me that to avoid crashes, I always should be monitoring RAM useage. If you are near the top of your RAM useage, you likely need  more, before fixing anything else. If you are on a laptop that only goes to 8GBs, good luck. Right now, with nothing running but Chrome, I am only using 1.57 GBs of RAM. Three procs active. Learn to use WIndows Task Manager. Check the Performance settings. I run it on my second monitor during renders.