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    InDesign, Lock Files and DropBox

    Alan James

      We are working on a collaborative project via DropBox. The InDesign Lock file doesn't seem to work and we are getting problems with the same file being edited by two different people.


      The system seems to create the lock files on the DropBox server and local dropbox folders but then InDeisgn just ignores them. In the example below we have the file NWClimbs6-MidWales.indd open on different computers and as you can see, it has created two slightly different lock files.


      Screen Shot.jpg

      Editing and then saving the two documents just creates a new copy of the later one with a 'conflicted copy' addition to the file name.


      Does anyone have any ideas why InDesign is ignoring the lock files? This isn't a timing issue since we have tried opening the files with the lock file obviously there on the local DropBox copy. And why does one of the lock files have a slash?

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          I can confirm this happens and it seems to be Dropbox that won't sync those

          lock files for some reason. The only workaround is to let others know you're

          working on the file.


          You can even look at the DB icon and you'll see the sync indicator. Hover

          over it and it will tell you the lock file can't be synced.