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    No video Preview During Capture


      Here is the scoop:


      Adobe Premeire CS5

      Windows 7 64bit

      Canon XL2

      Capturing DV NOT HDV

      Canon standard device control as there is no preset listed for the XL2


      Video and audio actually captures fine. I can hear audio during capture but cannot see any video.


      I know there is no video preview when capturing HDV but I am capturing DV.

      Again this is CS5 NOT 5.5 so .dll fix is not an option


      Thanks in advance.

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I have NOT used either, but many say to try these for SD capture http://windv.mourek.cz/ or http://www.exsate.com/products/dvcapture/


          Also, you MAY need to use the Legacy Driver http://forums.adobe.com/message/2981411

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            Langmcb0 Level 1

            Legacy Driver did NOT solve the issue.


            In addition, I do not get video during preview or during capture in the capture window.


            All 4 boxes are checked under editing the capture settings.


            this is maddening. Something as simple as previewing the video should be a basic function of any editing software.

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              Langmcb0 Level 1



              Heres how it went:


              Went to Device Manager and let windows look for an updated driver for my Graphics Card (Radeon HD 4200). Windows said the most current driver was installed. It was NOT the most current driver. I went out to ATI and got the most current driver, installed, reboot and OH JOY! I get video in the capture window during preview AND during capture (of DV)!


              I also let windows (device manager) look for updated drivers for sound and it said the driver was the most current. Again, it was not. so the moral of the story is...Don't trust Device Manager on current driver versions.


              Hope this will help some folks out there.


              Side Note*


              Most of us spend hours on forums looking for answers/fixes to particular problems. Most replies I see are either in the vein of "I have that problem too" or " try this, it worked in this OTHER version or try this OTHER software" etc. If you dont have an answer/fix for the problem, dont post.


              ON the flip side of that, when posting a problem you want an answer to, Give all the pertinent information in your initial question. " Premiere crashes when I plug up my camera" does NOT suffice! What version of Premiere, what camera, what OS, What kind of connection, etc.

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                Jim_Simon Level 8

                If you dont have an answer/fix for the problem, dont post.


                That would make this a very poor forum, indeed.  Not every problem can be solved with a definite set of steps.  Sometimes we have to guess at some things, sometimes there are different problems that cause the same symptoms, sometimes we can only suggest a different way to get the job done.


                And that should always be the underlying goal of posting: how to get the job done so we can get paid.

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                  Steven L. Gotz Level 5

                  I agree with Jim.


                  Some of my best answers are the ones where I guessed what someone meant better than other people did.


                  Your question was easily understood. You used the right words for the concepts you were trying to communicate. That is not always the case around here.