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    Capture from DV keeps stopping?


      I am trying to capture footage from a DVCAM (PD-170 to be specific). I have the camera in VCR mode linked to my MacBook and for an unexplainable reason, every now and then the capture stops. I've turned off device control and scene detect, which alows the tape to continue spooling, but the computre still just randomly stops and I get the 'Save Captured Clip' dialogue appear over the capture window (which continues to play the tape). I did stripe the tapes before recording, so there should be an intact timecode. And there's still plenty of space on my HDD, so it's not like it's running out of room.


      Any adivce on how I can fix this?


      If it helps, I'm using CS6 Premiere Pro 6.0.4 on a Macbook Pro (only a year old) with OS X 10.8.4, and the standard 4gb 1600MHz DDR3.


      Many thanks!