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    Premiere Pro Audio and video going out of sync over time

    danbs10 Level 1


      I have made a video recording using "Filmic Pro" app on iPhone, I then recorded the master audio seperately onto my laptop. However when I synced the 2 up in PPro it starts ok but gradually goes out of sync until at the end it is completely out of sync.

      Any ideas as to why this might be happening.


      The video is recorded as follows-

      .mov file

      Frame width - 1920

      Frame Height - 1080

      Data rate - 32153 kbps

      Total bitrate - 32279 kbps

      Frame rate - 23 fps (should be 24)

      The audio taken from original video is as follows-

      Bit rate - 126 kbps

      Channels - 1 mono

      Audio sample rate - 48 kHz


      The master audio (recorded seperately using Adobe Audition CS6) is as follows-

      .wav file

      Bit rate - 2822 kbps

      Sample rate - 44100 Hz


      I have done many of these types of recordings before (however this is the 1st using Filmic Pro) and never had this problem before.

      I appreciate this may be a Filmic Pro problem but is ther a way I can keep the 2 in sync throughout?


      Mnay thanks

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          akribie Level 2

          In times poast, this sort of problem was blamed on slight variations in the actual data rate compared to that which Premiere thinks is correct for the audio.


          One way to try to sort this out would be to identify the same point on both audio and video near both the start and the end of the sequence and place markers on both tracks. Line up the first markers on both tracks and see what the end markers look like. If, as one would suspect, they are misaligned, try stretching the audio track to line up the two end markers. That should restore sync.

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            Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

            Hi danbs10,

            Sorry for your trouble. Since it was recorded on an iPhone, I susupect a variable frame rate may have been used. If this is the case, you will experience audio drift. The workaround is to transcode the files to a common format and begin editing from there.


            Feel free to make a feature request for variable frame rate support: http://www.adobe.com/go/wish