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    Determining Project Settings for .mp4 downloaded video


      I am having trouble determining what project settings to use.

      I work on safety projects for my company, and we sometimes download non-copyrighted videos off of youtube, and I usually like to import them into Premiere & add titles or cut out parts that don't apply to the work we do.


      I download them as an .mp4 and when I open a new project in Premiere I use the hard disc or DV NTSC settings and they work out just fine. Recently though, I have noticed that these setting are not working for my clips. I add them to my timeline & then they are very tiny in the preview window.


      Also, I thought when you open premiere and just add new media, it will automatically change your project settings based on the clip you put in the timeline, isn't that correct?


      I know I have seen on other discussion posts some of you have mentioned using a program to determine the type of clip/settings you have...can anyone tell me what that is & if it would help?


      Otherwise, what is a good project setting to use for a non-HD video that has a smaller size to it (most smaller than 640x360).