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    Extreme newbie to Director needs some guidance...

      I' m a Graphic Designer working with mostly print, and some web and a tiny bit of flash. Recently I've become the "Director" guy at my place of employment. I'm going to be using it for creating applications for touch screen displays for kiosks and such. I have never used the program before, and the 4" thick book given to me looks quite daunting!

      I guess what I need to know is what is the best way for me to start learning the basics of this program? i know I can do it, i just need to make sure I learn the correct and most efficient way of doing things. When I was younger i taught myself some Macromedia Flash. The things I taught myself worked, but they weren't the "correct" way of doing things, which led to problems whe nmoving to more advanced features. Thanks for any help!