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    Why learn Java if you know ColdFusion?

    solaced Level 1

      ColdFusion is awesome for my work. I can make anything I want with it and seeing as 99% of my work is making web applications, I haven't needed to look elsewhere.


      I was just wondering why anyone would need to learn Java, if you already know ColdFusion... I understand that ColdFusion runs on Java, but is there anything special I could do with Java that is not possible in ColdFusion for use in websites?


      It intrigues me because I have to cover the work of an ASP.NET developer, and when I was looking at his C# code (which looked very similar to Java) it made me cry to think people make websites in this way. Compared to ColdFusion it looks archaic but then I remember that CF works with Java so I thought about looking into learning Java. But is there any advantage to me doing this?