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    I & O in and out point selection glitch...




      Having a bit of a nightmare with a weird little glitch that has only just started happening with Premiere CS6.


      (I don't know if it's relevant, I've now got Pr CC - but still using CS6 on some client projects. And this has only started happening afer CC install)


      Anyway... Every time I'm selecting an 'in / out' point in the source monitor - the grey slider bar underneath is cropping in on the source footage. To be clear, I'm talking about when you select the source monitor and press + or - to zoom in on just a part of your source footage and the grey bar reduces in size.


      So, when I'm trying to grab bits of footage from a take, it keeps zooming in on that slider bar. It's driving me nuts as I have to keep zooming back out after every time I make a selection!


      Incidently, it happens when I click on the in out selection buttons in the source monitor and not just when using the I & O shortcut keys.


      Can anyone please tell me what is going on, as it's making my edit a nightmare!


      Thanks in advance!