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    CF10 500 internal server errors


      I have recently installed CF10 on a Win 2008 R2 server it will open the main pages (index.cfm) but if I try to browse to the links within the site I get a 500  internal server error or 404 file not found. I have looked at a few articles in regards to creating a virtual directory named jakarta this works for only one site and seems to only work if I set that virtual directoyr to the wsconfig\1 folder. I am not familiar with CF by anymeans so if answers could be as rookie as possible.



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          vishu#13 Level 3



          During ColdFusion 10 install, you might have Choosen ALL option during Configure Webserver. Which means, that ColdFusion handlers like .cfm, .cfc etc are added to the IIS (server level)

          Every website under IIS say there are 10 websites under IIS, then all these will be able to serve ColdFusion ( say .cfm) pages. In future, even if you add new sites, you need not to create connector using Web Server Configuration tool as well.


          To confirm handlers on server level in IIS 7, highlight server name (just above Application Pool in left panel) and then click on Handler mappings. If you are able to see ColdFusion handlers (.cfc, .cfm) just double click on any one of them and check the Exectuable path : C:\ColdFusion10\config\wsconfig\1\isapi_redirect.dll


          Folder number 1 in the above location shows that you have 1 connector configured with All websites. If you create individual connector for each site then there will be more folders like 1, 2, 3 and so on and when you check the handler mapping for individual site, handler of each site will show the executable path for it's own connector folder.


          Regarding the 404 error, frankly speaking you are the best person to resolve it in the entire world As it is a straight forward error.


          Regarding 500 error, this is a generic error provided by server which can maen anything.


          In order to troubleshoot 500 error, first step you can follow is to check Application pool. If you have installed ColdFusion 10 64 bit and configured the website as 64 bit (connector using Web Server Configuration tool) and the application pool of your website/sites is 32 bit then you will get 500 error.


          So, click on Application pool in IIS, highlight the application pool of your website/sites (will be of the same name as of the site if you did not change it) and right click > Advanced Settings. If enable 32 bit is set to true that means your website is 32 bit. If you have configured connector with this website or with All then either you can configure the connector as 32 bit or set Enable 32 bit as false.


          Hope it helps




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            derping Level 1

            Also I have CF10 Standard edition will there be a problem here with multiple sites with this version?

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              Thank you I got the sites working now but I wonder if you could help iluminate me as to why the CFadmin page can not open now. I get a 404 but the files are deffinitley there.

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                That sounds good that your  website is running up and fine. Can you create 1-2 test .cfm and try to browse them within IIS and then observe that are you able to access them or not.



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                  Yeah I have like 7 different sites running using CF they seem ok it is just the CFM administrator page that I can not get to I can see the files it is trying to point to and they are in the right place but it keeps giving me a 404 error when I try to get to the log in page.

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                    I believe you have CFIDE as a virtual directory added under your website in which you are trying to access ColdFusion 10 Admin? Remove CFIDE and make a right click on Site and add virtaul directory.      Alias -> CFIDE , Physical Path --> C:\ColdFusion10\cfusion\wwwroot (according to the location of CFIDE). Also, check the permission on the CFIDE folder.

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                      I really do apologize for my lack of understanding of CF but is this the CFIDE Virtual Dir ont he default site that handles the admin page for Coldfusion? Or does one have to create a site for the administrator. It has worked before with out anything like that being set up which is partly why I am a bit confused.

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                        Yes, you are right.  CFIDE is the virtual directory with the help of which you will be able to access ColdFusion 10 admin. It totally depends upon your requirement that you want to add CFIDE as virtual directory in each and every site under IIS or not.

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                          Thank you so much I really did not have the basic understanding I needed for this software at first but this thread hs cleared a lot of that up for me and I have both the admin and sites working. ^^

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                            Wow That sounds greatttttt  

                            Please mark this post as correct if your issue is resolved as it would be helpful for other ColdFusion users




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                              You seem to be a very knowledgeable person about ColdFusion. I wonder if I could trouble you to help send me in the right direction?


                              Everything in this thread sounds like my issue except that I do get the CFAdmin to display without a problem.


                              What is a problem is that every other site gives me a 500 error.  I checked the application pools and they all say 32bit=true, so for one site I went through and set them all to false, but that did not fix the problem. Was I supposed to recycle IIS or CF before I tried to render the page again?


                              For each site, there are 4 application pool listings, one for v2.0 (Classic), v2.0 (Integrated), v4.0 (Classic), and v4.0 (Integrated).  


                              I am running CF10 Standard on a VPS with Windows 2012 64 bit and IIS 8.0.  I did install the IIS6 options too.  CFAdmin was installed with the "all sites" option.   At this point, I can freely uninstall/re-install CF if need be as all sites are down anyway, unfortunately.


                              All sites are showing the CFIDE and Jakarta virtual directories.  The .cfm and .cfc MIME's look like they are set correctly at the top level of all web sites. DNS has been checked and the sites can be pinged successfully.


                              Thank you for any help you can provide!  This problem is driving me nuts! :-)


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                                Thank  you for your kind words A little bit which I've learned in CF in only because of all our CF users who post their queries/answers and indeed you are one of them


                                Usually when you set Enable 32-bit Application pool to false, you need not to restart IIS however during maintenance window you can restart IIS


                                Another thing which I want to confirm, have you added an application/applications under a website and assigned those to separate application pools?


                                If yes, then please change the application's pool to the website's pool. So if, default website has 4 applications under it, then all four applications must be assigned with Default App pool (The app pool for default website).


                                For testing purpose, Add a new webiste in IIS. Place a test.cfm and test.html in the web root of this website. As you mentioned that you have configured connector with All, then you need not to run the web server configuration tool. Add CFIDE and jakarta as virtual directories in this new website. Also, make sure that the ISAPI filter has a tomcat entry for this website as shown in the screenshot below. It should be there because you have configured with All so the tomcat entry should be at the server level and this new website will inherit the property from server.


                                You can also enable the detailed error for this test website and share the error which browser will return if you encounter the same issue Share the results for .cfm and .html returned by the browser.








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                                  WiWildcat Level 1



                                  Thank you for replying and helping me with this! I very much appreciate it.


                                  I am using a test domain for this, an old site my son toyed with when he was younger: animalwarriorz.com


                                  I added the site test.animalwarriorz.com, the dns, added the virtual directories, and for this site I get a 404 Error for the ColdFusion version (http://test.animalwarriorz.com/index.cfm) but the html version works fine (http://test.animalwarriorz.com/index.htm).  I changed it to detailed, but then my error handlers kicked in, so I had to go remove those. Found that "index.cfm" was not found; upon checking, good ol' notepad added a .txt to the end of it.


                                  I have added no other applications, so there shouldn't be any need to adjust the application pools.


                                  At this point, I still have the "32 bit" set to whatever was there, probably true.


                                  ISAPI does have a tomcat entry, but there are four ASp.net entries, two for 2.0 and two for 4.0.


                                  ...and... this program works.


                                  So, now I have to figure out what the difference is between this new site and all those other old sites that were adding with my hosting company's control panel (I added this one by hand) when they had OBD (Open Blue Dragon) installed on the server instead of the real CF.


                                  If that gives you a clue, I'd love to hear it!


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                                    WiWildcat Level 1

                                    This is likely the problem. Do you know how I can remove this?


                                    opd isapi.jpg

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                                      Ames Shen Level 1

                                      I had same error messages for ColdFusion 2016. The error 500 can mean many things, but for me it is solved by increase the "Maximum Size of Post Data" from 20 MB to 40 MB. This is because my error page was shown after a form was submitted. And I know the size issue from "Debugging & Logging / Log Files/ Application Logs/" in CF administration page.

                                      Best of Luck.