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    Two distinct lists in one article

    StevenDayton Level 1

      Is it possible to have two separate lists in one article? Like this.


      This is the first part and I want to have a list of items

      in it. This is the first list.


      1  Apples

      2  Pineapples

      3  Oranges


      Then there is some more of the article and another list

      that is different from the first one. And it starts at number

      one just like the first list like this.


      1  Cars

      2  Boats

      3  Airplanes



      Instead of this.


      List Number 1


      1  Apples

      2  Pineapples

      3  Oranges


      List Number 2


      4  Cars

      5  Boats

      6  Airplanes