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    Re-registering a form for Paypal


      Why does the Paypal payment activation just stop working for no reason?  I have had to re-register the form to the paypal account several times for several forms. it is annoying and my purchasers are getting frustrated as I am also.

      Please help me figure out what is going on.

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          Eman Fu Adobe Employee



          I am sorry for the confusion. A single PayPal account can only be used by one FormsCentral account. If you have multiple forms in the same FormsCentral account, you should be fine. And most importantly, you don't need to re-register each form to the PayPal account. What you need to do is, register the PayPal account to one form, and for other forms, simply enter the PayPal email address in the Collect Payments -> PayPal Setup tab. Once you enter the PayPal email address you registered earlier, you'll immediately see a check mark in front of the PayPal Setup tab label, which means your PayPal setup for that form is done. If you create a new form, as soon as you enable the PayPal payments for the form, the latest registered PayPal account should appear in the PayPal Account field and you don't need to do any registration.


          If you use the same PayPal account for forms in 2 or more FormsCentral accounts, once you register the PayPal account in FC account A, the forms in FC accounts B that were registered to the same PayPal account immediately lose their ability of collecting payments, since PayPal has re-granted the account access permissions to FC account A.


          If you are sure your PayPal account is only used for the forms in one FormsCentral account, please let me know your PayPal acocunt email by sending an email to formscentral_feedback@adobe.com. I'll take a look at our server logs to see what went wrong.




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