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    Masked URL's in Word Documents


      Hi Everyone,


      I have been using Acrobat X and XI in the past few weeks to convert MS Word documents to PDF.  I am running into one problem for which I have yet to find a solution: If there are "masked" URL's in the Word documents Acrobat won't create working URL's for them.  For example: If I have a sentence that says Click Here behind which is the actual url such as "www.somewhere.com/documents/thisdoc.docx" then that "link" will not work in the finished PDF file.  But if I remove the mask so that the documents have the actual url visible then those url's will be active in the finished PDF.  The problem is that this just won't work for me as I am working with a vast library of Word docs which are being converted and posted on the web. 


      Has anyone experienced this?  Perhaps it is something obvious that I am overlooking.  I would appreciate any pointers or suggestions.


      Thank you



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          Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

          How are you converting to PDF, step by step, and are you on Mac or Windows?

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            genew308 Level 1

            I really appreciate the quick reply.  Thanks very much.


            I am running Windows 8 Pro. [Not a tablet]  And I have done it both ways, by just using the Create PDF dialog from the main screen of Acrobat, but also creating a process through the Action Wizard.  Just for fun I also tried "printing" the PDF file from Word using the PDF Printer. [Office 2013]  None of that got me what I needed.

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              genew308 Level 1

              I started thinking about my reply and realized that I didn't give you much detail at all!  Let me try again on that.  Hopefully this will make sense and not be too boring. 


              I have tried to create PDF from these Word docs in two principal ways. 


              First by simply running Acrobat XI and selecting Create PDF from the main intro screen.  It asks me for a file to convert, which I navigate to and select.  The rest is done for me, Acrobat creates the file and places it in the same folder from which the original was selected.  The finished document looks just like the original except that the masked URL's just don't work.  They look like URL's [underlined, blue in color] but they don't work, you cannot click on them to follow their link.


              The other way I have done this is to build an "Action" using the Action Wizard which is found in the Tools menu when Acrobat first runs.  I set it up to ask me for a file or folder upon running the Action.  Once that is selected the next step applies Encryption to the file with Password Security allowing the file to be printed in high-res but not copied.  There is no password to open the file.  Initially this was the only other step though at different times I have selected Reduce File Size just to see what that might do.  But it's not a necessary part of what I am doing here.  If this method would work I would prefer it for two reasons: 1. I can process many documents at once and I need to be able to do that and 2. I can add password security on the fly, also a requirement.


              I have been through every tick box and setting in this massive and complex program and can find nothing that addresses this problem.  I hit upon the idea that perhaps the masking of the URL's was the reason they are not being processed when I was reading a private newsletter on this general subject.  If I bring the actual URL out from behind the MS Word "mask" and just put it there in the document it converts fine and the URL works as it should.  But this will not work for me as the organization we are working with prefers to produce their material in this way and there is way too vast a library to go back and undo all of that anyway.  Also, I have done this type of thing before with previous version of Acrobat several years ago [Acrobat 8 and 9] when running XP.  But the upgrade was necessary for the program to run reliably under Windows 7 or 8.


              Finally, [sorry this is so long] I have a very strange workaround, but not an acceptable solution.  I downloaded and installed LibreOffice and am able to use their built-in export to PDF function to produce the documents one at a time.  It actually works better than MS Word in that you apply security on the fly in their Export function.  But I need batch processing and neither word processor can do that.


              Thanks for the time and any assistance. 

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                Bill@VT Level 7

                Let us discuss a bit the various methods of PDF creation. In each case you will have to check the preferences that are selected for the conversion. The most fundamental mode is to open WORD and print a document to the Adobe PDF printer. This will not give links or bookmarks, but basically translates what you see in WORD to a PDF just as you would to a bit of paper. The links that you see are what Acrobat provides as a best guess based on the text that is shown, not an actual link in the PDF.


                From WORD, you can use the create PDF option (this is called PDF Maker) and set the appropriate bookmark and link requests in the preferences. The last process from WORD is to use the MS plugin for conversion to PDF that generally will give you bookmarks and links also, but you would have to check that out. The operation of that plugin is not something I spend a lot of time looking at.


                From Acrobat, you can select to open a DOC/DOCX file in Acrobat that basically goes through the conversion process. The preferences are found in the "to PDF" tab or Acrobat preferences. This should use the same process as PDF Maker and add the bookmarks/links to the PDF. I cannot comment on the Action Wizard.

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                  Allta Media Adobe Community Professional

                  The reason the unmasked URL will work is because of the Acrobat preference under Edit > Preferences > General "Create links from URLs". To get the other ones to work (masked) when converting a Word file to PDF using either the Create dialog or an Action, you'll need to make sure that "Add links to PDF file" is checked under Edit > Preferences > Convert to PDF > Microsoft Office Word > Edit Settings.


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                    genew308 Level 1

                    Thanks for your time and your reply.  Double-checking my settings as you suggested I see that under Edit > Preferences > General "Create links from URLs" is checked.  Also under Edit > Preferences > Convert to PDF > Microsoft Office Word > Edit Settings I have "Add links to PDF file" checked.


                    I don't have problems created standard links such as http://www.gotothiswebsite/openthisfile.pdf.  What is not working is a where I have a masked link that doesn't show the actual url lurking behind it such as you can create in Word.


                    I have a long history of generally satisfactory results with Acrobat, having used versions from 7 onward in the past several years.   Sometimes this issue has been finicky but most it has worked.  But I am not getting it to work at all in version 10 or 11.


                    I do appreciate the above posts and suggestions however.  If there are any further suggestions I would be grateful.

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                      Allta Media Adobe Community Professional

                      I'm wondering if this is some sort of compatibility thing. The first version of Acrobat to support the PDFMaker Add-ons for Office 2013 was 11.0.01. Is this the version you're running? Also, do you have both Acrobat X and XI installed on the same Windows 8 system? Perhaps some sort of conflict is occuring with the PDFMaker add-ons.

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                        genew308 Level 1

                        Hi LoriAUC.  I was glad to see your reply and I appreciate the input.


                        What I am running is 11.0.0.  I only have this installed and no other versions.  I had originally tried version 10 but upgraded once I had this problem.  I was also thinking possibly compatibility issues which is why I went for the upgrade.


                        Now, to be clear most of what I have done has been by using the Adobe program to directly create PDF files.  I have not done this through the PDFMaker Add-ons in Office 2013 for the most part.  I did try "printing" to PDF files a few times but that didn't fix the issue either. 

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                          Allta Media Adobe Community Professional

                          I would try updating to the latest point update, which is 11.0.04. You can do this through the Check for Updates command under the Help menu or from the Download center.

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                            I read the line of questions asked by genew308 back in September and didn't see a resolution.  I am having the same problem with URLs not converting when creating a pdf from a Word document.  I am using the latest version of Adobe, 11.0.6 and Word 10. I have done all the things that were suggested to genew308 and still my hyperlinks are not working.  They appear blue, and when the mouse hovers over them the pointer appears but when I click on the link I get an error message that the file could not be opened.


                            Interestingly enough, when I create the file from within Adobe using “Create / PDF from file”, I am able to click on the link and have it work (sort of).  When I click on the link a pop-up asks me if I want to save my file before closing.  After my response the hyperlinked file opens but the file I just created closes.  When I reopen it, I get the same pop-up that the file could not open.


                            I am wondering if it could be because the file is on our intranet and not the www.  The hyperlink works in Word though. 

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                              Nealf21 Level 1

                              This seems like a bug somewhere, and the problem still is not fixed.