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    Closed Circuit Security Camera Footage

    Lukabrazzi Level 1

      Hello, talented and attractive Adobe community!  I have a friend who gave me a file from a closed circuit security camera which he'd like edited down for court.  Basically, he wants me to cut out the extraneous footage and leave the two minutes that are relevant to his case.  The file has an mp4 file extension, but nothing in my arsenal seems to open or play it.  I'm assuming I need a special codec, but I have no idea what it might be.  The camera that captured the video doesn't belong to my friend and I think he had to legally compell the owner to turn it over.  My point being that I don't think I can go to the owner with questions about his security system.  Does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing who could offer some insight and perhaps point me in the right direction?  Any help would be appreciated, as always.

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          >assuming I need a special codec, but I have no idea what it might be


          Report back with the codec details of your file, use the programs below... A screen shot works well to SHOW people what you are doing



          For PC http://mediainfo.sourceforge.net/en or http://www.headbands.com/gspot/

          For Mac http://mediainspector.massanti.com/


          Also, for future reference, providing more information about your system is a good idea - such as, very basically, Windows or Mac and PPro version

          Information FAQ http://forums.adobe.com/message/4200840

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            Lukabrazzi Level 1

            I'm afraid there isn't much to show - just a file on my desktop showing as a video icon with an mp4 extension.  I'm not really doing anything to describe, since I can't open the file.  I click on it, get an error message saying it's not a format quicktime understands, and I close the window.  That's about the extent of it.


            I'm running Adobe CS6 on a Mac Powerbook, OSX 10.6.8, 2.5 GHz Core Duo, 4GB RAM.  Didn't mention it only because I assumed the codec would have the same name on both platforms and didn't want to confuse the issue.  My apologies.


            Tried to download the MediaInspector, but my laptop can't connect to the internet where I am.  Tried to save it to a thumbdrive from the machine I'm working on, but it didn't run when I ported it over to my laptop.  When I clicked on the installer, it opened an almost unreadable text file.  I'll try again when I get home.

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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              ADDED... I right clicked the big "Start Download" and opened it in a new window... it does NOT LOOK LIKE WHAT YOU WANT


              I think what you want is whatever is available from the "Mac App Store" which is a link on the right


              I HATE sites that put crap on the page to get you to download something you don't want !!!


              I am Windows, so all I can say is that when I click the "For Mac" link I provided, it goes to a web page with a big "Start Download" button at the top


              What you do with that download... ie how you install a Mac program... is not something I know


              I do know that nobody here will be able to help with out details of what is inside the file you have... maybe not even with details, but for sure not with no details


              Also (I do have a Lorex DVR connected to a camera) you don't care about the "camera that captured the video" since what is important is the DVR brand/model that recorded the video, and the codec used by that DVR


              But... use the video inspector to gather more information