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    Average Calculation Possible In LiveCycle?


      Hello Adobe Fam,


      I am new to LiveCycle and was wondering if average calcuation works in LiveiCycle at all?  I have a form that I built in Adobe Acrobat that works 100% and calculates dropdowns with no problem.  Manager is now requesting to allow comment boxes to expand as more text is added which i can't figure out in Adobe Acrobat but able to do in LiveCycle with no issue, but the actual average calculation is not workinag at all for the 8 dropdowns now but works 100% in Adobe Acrobat??  One thing this code does is excludes N/A from being counted in calcuation if selected.


      Below is script that came over from the working PDF I built:

      // Average non-N/A values;

      var aFieldNames = new Array("Dropdown1", "Dropdown2","Dropdown3","Dropdown4","Dropdown5","Dropdown6","Dropdown7","Dropdown8");

      // counter for non-N/A values;

      var nCount = 0;

      // variable to sum non-N/A values;

      var nSum = 0;

      // default value for result if no average computed;

      event.value = 0;

      // process array of field names;

      for(i = 0; i < aFieldNames.length; i++) {

      if(this.getField(aFieldNames[i]).valueAsString != "N/A") {

      // field does not have a value of "N/A";

      nCount++; // increment counter

      nSum += Number(this.getField(aFieldNames[i]).value); // add value to sum

      } // end value not N/A;

      } // end loop processing one field;

      // compute the average;

      if(nCount != 0) {

      // non-zero divisor so we can compute the average;

      event.value = nSum / nCount;



      Thanks N advance for any help

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          I have the exact same issue. I had to read it twice to make sure I hadn't written it.  I need to have a value for each text selected, then average them then have a text attached to the average (overall score). Will someone please look at this again and assist? Thank you!!!

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            I would like to know the same thing. Has anybody contacted you.  I can get my fields to calculate and average correctly, I just cannot figure out how to get it to ignore the N/A picked fields in the average.  HELP

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              41globalit Level 1

              I actually had to go the route of totally removing N/A and keeping the space blank.  So if users want to select N/A, they just have to select the empty space which represents n/a and is also not counted in my final total/average

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                otter Level 1

                Sound like a reasonable solution.

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                  jasotastic81 Level 3

                  Here's my solution:


                  I had to set the binding for the dropdowns to numbers. I didn't know what numbers you were using, so I picked "0" for what "N/A" would get, but you can pick whatever. For the form, I made one dropdown and then copy/pasted it however many times I wanted. (In this case 8 to match your example.) I put the code in the calculate event for the text field I was using to report the average.


                  var n = 0;

                  var total = 0;


                  for (var i=0; i<8; i++){

                            if (!xfa.resolveNode("dd1["+i+"]").isNull && xfa.resolveNode("dd1["+i+"]").rawValue != 0){


                                      total += Number(xfa.resolveNode("dd1["+i+"]").rawValue);




                  this.rawValue = total/n;

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                    Dakotajessie Level 1



                    I'm getting close with your scripting, this is what I need my drop down has 9 total entries and calculates only 2 drop boxes fields giving the grade in the total box for the two days.












                    I want the 0 to calculate as 0 so that if they get 100 one day and 0 the next the average is 50.  and the N/A if picked then it just puts what they got for the 1st day so n/a and 100 returns 100.  if both are NA then it it should show NA.  Any help would be appreciated.



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                      jasotastic81 Level 3

                      Alright, then after you've copy/pasted the drop downs, set the data binding values to match the numbers, then use "-1" for N/A. Change the if statement to the following:


                      if(!xfa.resolveNode("dd1[+i+"]").isNull && xfa.resolveNode("dd1["+i+"]").rawValue >= 0){


                      *Note: This could probably be streamlined a little since you only have 2 drop downs, but this will work and allow for later expansion if you add more drop downs later.