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    Oversized text and lack of pages when placing a word document (.docx)


      I'm reposting this, since the last one seemed to get lost in the jumble:


      When placing text from a word document (.docx) indesign only gives me three pages for a 118 long document.  Also, those pages are blank, and to access the text, I have to delete a few blank lines.  When I do this however, the text is grossly oversized.  Changing the font does not help, as even on 6 pt, the text is much larger than it should be.  Help?  I've tweaked import options (although I may not know enough to diagnose the issue I am having), changed the format of the file (.doc, rtf) nothing seems to work.


      I am working in Indesign CS5.5 and here is a link to the document I am working with:




      Any help you could provide would be awesome.




      -Julian Q.