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    Getting Extra Carriage Returns from an AJAX call

      Here is a weird one. I am running an ajax call to create an image that is then updated on the page. It keep it unique I am using a combination of the cfid and the time and I am passing back the time as the only value from the ajax call. When the value comes back it is full of slash r and slash n characters. I have turned off debugging, added cfsilent around everything but the output and I still get all the garbage. This happens with Firefox and IE. Anyone run into this or have any suggestions?

      I am running CF8.01. I have added code to strip out all the junk after it is returned, but I would prefer not to have it in there in the first place.
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          I've run into this one literally every time I've used XML with Ajax...

          [ Internet Explorer doesn't really care about the extraneous information provided by Cold Fusion, but all recent Gecko-based browsers do. ]

          In my applications I let JavaScript handle the problem by using a RegExp to replace any and all whitespace characters between ">" and "<". It leaves the XML packed pretty well and there are no extraneous nodes for Firefox, Netscape, Safari, etc.

          I've been less successful when using the same approach on the server. My assumption is that the regexp doesn't parse XML nodes when the <cfxml> tag is used. But it really IS an assumption; since it works well on the client I haven't bothered to test that assumption .