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    Is it possible to quickly verify a document is signed/export the signed info into a document?




      I was torn between posting this in the javascript forum and this forum.  Hopefully I chose correctly.


      I have several thousand files that each have 6-8 signatures each.   Our goal is to verify that each spot is signed and that they were signed in the correct order.

      1. Is possible without javascript to quickly extract this information from a single document?  To say an excel document that gives the files name,signers name and date signed?  How about multiple documents?


      2. If not possible without javascript, is it possible with javascript to quickly extract that information from a single document?  If so, what level of javascript knowledge would be required?  I.E. is this something that an experienced javascript programmer could knock out in a couple hours?


      3.  Is there a pluggin/comcerial product available already that does this task?