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    How can I fill the entire Kindle Fire page?

    Gary (PRESS) Priester

      Two questions:


      1) I am working in Windows 8 with the Export to Kindle plug-in.


      I am working to a Kindle page size of 1280 x 800 landscape mode.


      I have set up my InDesign CS5.5 page to the same size and I am placing images this size.


      When I create a .mobi file and load the file into my Kindle Fire, the page is smaller with a large border of white around the image.


      2) I create an image that is 1280 x 800 pixels. When I bring the image into the page, the image comes in smaller and I have to use Fit Content Proportionately to fit the image to the page size.


      Am I doing something wrong that the image is not the correct size when I add it to the page?