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    Building a simple TIMER

    Charine -FB buggoop Level 1

      In my word game, I have 30 Levels of letter tiles falling out of the sky.


      I want to control these arrays(of movie clips) with a timer, so that I can start, pause and stop it at specific times.


      I'm doing something wrong with the timer code. This is the error message I get:


      TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.

          at WordArray/startTileTimer()

          at WordArray/activeLevelofTiles()

          at WordArray/tileGenerator()

          at WordArray/levelGenerator()

          at WordArray()

          at wordText/initWordText()

          at flash.display::DisplayObjectContainer/addChild()

          at BugGoopFSGame/startTimer()


      How do I fix the timer? Should I have added it as an event listener somehow?


      Relevant code below:





          import flash.display.*;

          import flash.text.TextField;

          import flash.events.Event;   

          import flash.utils.Timer;

          import flash.events.*;

          import flash.events.MouseEvent;

          import flash.media.Sound;

          import flash.media.SoundChannel;


          public  dynamic class WordArray extends MovieClip


                     public var wordtext:wordText =  new wordText;

                      var activeWordArray:Array;

                      var activeLevelofTenWordsArray:Array;

                      var activeLevelofTilesArray:Array;

                      public var letterArray:LetterArray;

                      public var tileTimer:Timer;



              //Movie clips of letter tiles to be used

              public var a:A = new A();

              public var f:F =  //...etc


              private var wordArray:WordArray;


              private var letterTiles:Array = [a,f,g,h,i,...etc];

                                    private var  lettersL01:Array = [a,a,f,f,f,g,g,h,h,i,i,n,n,n,o,o,o,o,s,s,t,t,t];

                                    private var  lettersL02:Array = [th,th,  //...etc


                                  public var letterLevels:Array = [lettersL01,lettersL02,lettersL03,...etc];


      public var  wordsL1W1:Array = ["a"];

      public var  wordsL1W2:Array = ["h","a","s"];



      public var  wordsL01:Array = [wordsL1W1,wordsL1W2,wordsL1W3,wordsL1W4,wordsL1W5,wordsL1W6,wordsL1W7,wordsL1W8,wordsL1W 9,wordsL1W10];

      public var  wordsL02:Array = [wordsL2W1,  //...etc.

      public var wordLevels:Array = [wordsL01,wordsL02,wordsL03,...etc]


                      private var tf:TextField;


                      // ***constructor code

                      public function WordArray(_tf:TextField)


                         tf = _tf;


                          var tileTimer = new Timer(500,384);



                      function levelGenerator():void


                         //**To get next level of 10 words








                          //Game is complete




                      function activeLevelofTenWords():void


                          //**To get next word

                          activeLevelofTenWordsArray = wordLevels.shift();




                      function tileGenerator():void








                          //Game is complete





                          function activeLevelofTiles():void


                              activeLevelofTilesArray = letterLevels.shift();






                          function shuffleTiles(a:Array)


                              var p:int;

                                      var t:*;

                                      var ivar:int;

                                      for (ivar = a.length-1; ivar>=0; ivar--)



                                          t = a[ivar];

                                          a[ivar] = a[p];

                                          a[p] = t;




                          function startTileTimer():void




                                  //Place the tiles to run


                                  /*activeLevelofTilesArray.x = 399;

                                  activeLevelofTilesArray.y= 30;


                                  trace("Letters should run");



                     //rest of code not applicable



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Declare the timer outside of any function, otherwise, by declaring it inside the WordArray function as you do its scope is limited to within that function - meaning it cannot be accessed outside the function.

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            sinious Most Valuable Participant

            You created that Timer in a function which means as soon as you leave the function it no longer exists because it's not class-level. Make it class-level like some of your other vars:


            private var myTimer:Timer;


            Then yes, you attach a TimerEvent listener to it and specify a function.


            myTimer.addEventListener(TimerEvent.TIMER, _handleTimer);


            function _handleTimer(e:TimerEvent):void


                 // do what you want