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    Very simple question


      I have what I know is a very simple question, with what must be a very simple solution, however no tutorial I have found adresses the problem I'm having. Perhaps I can't phrase it correctly for google.


      I have imported a few swf files into a new project, and I want to drag them into the timeline. The only thing is, I can't drag them from the project menu to the timeline. It simply won't let me, I get the little circle with a line through it every time I try to drag anything. Every tutorial I've found has just said "drag & drop" which doesn't help me. Clearly there's a step I've missed but I have no idea what it is. Here is a screenshot of my project. Notice my timeline is completely empty, it doesn't have any of the video or audio layers I've seen on all the tutorial videos.


      Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 4.22.03 PM.png