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    NTSC wide gamut matte vs. glossy


      Getting a new laptop. I have a choice for the 17.3" monitor:

      1. 72% NTSC color gamut matte

      2. 90% NTSC color gamut glossy

      I really like mattes, but I don't know if there is a big difference between the two percentiles. Has anyone used both? Which would you get? How big is the difference bewteen 72% and 90%? Should I downsize the screen to a 15.6" and get 95% matte instead?

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          You won't be using the Laptop's screen for any kind of critical viewing anyway, so get whichever you prefer.

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            chriso77 Level 1

            Well I plan to. I'm not a professional film maker, so I don't really have the money for an external high-end monitor. So from your response, I assume I should go with the highest gamut possible?

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              Jim_Simon Level 8

              You don't need a professional high end external monitor, you just need a properly calibrated TV and a way to get the signal off the computer and onto that TV (like hardware from Blackmagic and AJA, or at least a Blu-ray player for exported video).


              You can't do color corrections and grading using your Laptop screen for quality control.  For starters, PP is not designed to show you the signal accurately on the monitors.  But you also have the OS and the graphics driver which affect the signal.  And finally, most computer screens simply don't calibrate correctly.


              So again, it won't matter which screen you get because you can't use it for CC/grading work, the first step of which is to make sure you're seeing the signal accurately.  That's just not something you can do with a Laptop screen.