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    Audio Channel Question

    nickflix Level 1

      Hi. I hope everyone is well. Maybe I'll see some of you at Dragon*Con this weekend and not even know it! My question, and please feel free to tell me to look this up in Audition or another Adobe sound program, is whether it's possible to separate a mono track that had two tracks mixed into it?

      To explain, in brief. My sound guy had a mixer with 4 inputs, but only two outputs into a zoom h4n, which has the two xlrs, 1L and 1R.  So, he mic'd up three actors. One actor got the whole left channel, and two other actors had to share the R channel. Right now, I took the single two channel track and divided them into mono for editing in Pro, but my issue is that I'd love to lose one of the two actors for a bit and then bring him back in when I need him, but it seems that it's already been broken up enough. This is all just for the Right Channel.

      Does anyone have any idea on how one divides up a track which has two channels that were mixed into two?