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    Ati 7950 Card and Premiere Pro CC


      I see this card is not on Adobe's list of supported cards. can anyone from Adobe tell me if it is likely to be supported and Is anyone here using it with CC and if so how is it performing?


      We can't easily get the Mac version of the GTX 680 card here in the UK so if PPRo could use Open CL with the Ati 7950 it would be very useful!

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          petergaraway Adobe Employee

          Hi Steve,


          Though I can't speak to if/when the 7950 will be supported I can tell you (and you may already know this) that you can enable the Mercury Playback Engine with the 7950 in Premiere Pro CC. It won't be enabled by default but you can simply change the renderer from Software to GPU in the general settings.


          I'll let others speak to the performance.


          All the best,


          Peter Garaway


          Premiere Pro

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            Jim_Simon Level 8

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