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    Track matte key effect causes the motion to be off for few pixels


      Hi guys.  I am having an issue with track matte key effect after updating to 7.01 (OS10.8.4).  I used track matte key to do some blurring the faces like everyone does here (V1 = video footage, v2 = copied v1 with gaussian blur + track matte key, v3 = circle with traced face motion).  I had no problem doing so, and I exported several sequences as quicktime movies without any problem.  Then, after I updated to 7.01 and opened my project, I noticed all the track motion were off for a few pixles.  But, this only occur when I only turned on the track matte key effect.  I spend pretty much all day to reserch this issue, and I just cannot figure out what is going on here.  I would really really apprciate if anyone can shed a light on this problem.  Thanks!!!!