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    Help understanding the options for Importing (.ia,pdf, etc)

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      (CS6, CC)


      In this case I am opening a .ia file, but same thing for a PDF. I get to the IMPORT dialog box, and there is a drop down menu CROP TO:


      These are the options









      In my case I wanted just the image withing the illustrator artboard. I do understand trim and bleed, but I'm not sure what is the difference between Bounding, Media, Art and Crop.


      In my test they seemed to be the same?


      Just trying to understand the differences.





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          MikeGondek Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          these options.  Try crop if you want to crop to artboard.



          Adobe PDF placement options


          When you place an Adobe PDF file, you specify which page you want to import. You also choose how to crop the artwork by selecting a Crop To option:

          Bounding Box
          Places the PDF page’s bounding box, or the minimum area that encloses the objects on the page, including page marks.


          Places the PDF only in the area defined by a rectangle that the author created as placeable artwork (for example, clip art).


          Places the PDF only in the area that is displayed or printed by Adobe Acrobat.


          Identifies the place where the final produced page will be physically cut in the production process, if trim marks are present.


          Places only the area that represents where all page content should be clipped, if a bleed area is present. This information is useful if the page is being output in a production environment. Note that the printed page may include page marks that fall outside the bleed area.


          Places the area that represents the physical paper size of the original PDF document (for example, the dimensions of an A4 sheet of paper), including page marks.
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