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    Tutorial on Dreamweaver templates?


      I am fairly new to Dreamweaver (cs6), having previously designed and maintained a few sites using Freeway. I purchased a template from TemplateMonster.com in the hope that this would simplify the creation of a new site. The template came without any instructions other than how to unzip the file. Their helpline really isn't helpful at all. Can anyone recommend an online tutorial on how to use a predesigned template? Lynda.com doesn't have one. Thanks!

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          bregent Most Valuable Participant

          Are you sure these are actually Dreamweaver templates?


          This page here



          states that they don't include a .dwt file, which makes me believe it's not a real DW template.

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            Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Commercial Templates are often very different from Dreamweaver Templates (.dwt files) which are in fact a site management tool.   This often confuses people.


            A Dreamweaver Template is a common structure used for creating all the pages in your site.  The template has Editable Regions which you define for content that will change from page to page.  Everything outside Editable Regions like your header, footer & menus will remain consistent throughout the site. 



            Conversely, commercial templates from houses like Monster tend to be little more than a collection of CSS, HTML, JavaScript and image files which you must extract and save to your DW Local Site Folder.   Once you define your local site in DW (Site > New Site), you can open the HTML files in Code or Split View to add your own content.




            Nancy O.

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              addella Level 1

              Thanks to bregent and Nancy O for responses. No, it's not a Dreamweaver template; as Nancy says, it's a collection of files. I can work with the Photoshop, HTML and CSS files, but my main concern is that I'm not sure where exactly to position them, nor of the precise syntax of the various pieces of coding; which to put where. Am just astonished that Template Monster gives no instructions with the template. I think I'll end up designing from scratch. So much for the attempt at simplifying!