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    Marco briggi


      I need to have an action "onmouseover" that work only one time, then, after animation has played it stop on screen and work newsly only if reaload the page.



      An apple is on a tree,

      "Onmouseover" (on the apple or other element in stage)

      and the apple falls, AND REMAINS ON THE GROUND.

      Now the action (on mouse over) doesn't work anymore.


      Thank you.


      (Sorry for my english!)

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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

          Hi Marco


          If you are using the Actions Panel > mouseover event handler, then use this





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            Marco briggi Level 1


            I think do something wrong.

            sym.getSymbol("button").play(); -> play an first action


            sym.getSymbol("apple").play(); ->play a second action, the apple fall down,


            $(this).unbind("mouseover"); -> ...but in this place this function doesn't work, I can push the button again,sigh!



            The 2 animations are not in the main timeline but inside 2 different clip.