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    How to add same MAP ID to four HTML pages which have same topic ID's

    eric_haas Level 1
      Hi All,
      Sorry for that confusing title.
      But I m confused as equally.
      I have a project with conditional tags to generate four diff. chm's.
      there are some common pages which can be used in all the CHM's.
      But there are some different pages with the Same Name and same topic ID's but different content, which are needed to be tagged at Topic Level.
      But nw in the Final step, I need to assign these topics having same Topic ID but different content a predefined MAP ID.
      The problem here is That Map ID is same for all four CHM's.
      and I dont know how to provide same MAP ID to four different pages having the same topic ID.

      If you can help me out , it would be a great help to me.