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    Premiere pro cc masking


      Earth and clouds.jpg

      This is a still shot of a video that I want to mask out the black and put a video of moving clouds behind the earth. this is a video I downloaded from the web I am just learning the program at this time waiting for the 70D to come out. I have no video camera at this time. I tried making a mask from a radial gradient and I can get the clouds to show up but they are on the earth as well as the background

      Thanks for any help

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          Jeff Bellune Level 5

          Like this?




          I created a white circle on a black background in the Title tool to be my track matte.  Then I put the cloud video on track 1, the earth image on track 2, and the matte on track 3.  I used a Gaussian Blur on the track matte to feather it a little bit, and I added the track matte key to the earth image.  Here's my quick and dirty sequence setup:



          Here are my effect settings for the matte.  I tweaked the scale and position to line the matte up with the earth because I was a bit sloppy when I created the title in the first place:



          Here's the track matte key setting for the earth layer:



          That should get you started.  I could get a cleaner matte by spending some more time tweaking the blur and the position/scale of the matte, but there it is.