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    "Does Bridge come with Photoshop if I buy the CC single app?"

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      Question from a Customer…"Does Bridge come with Photoshop if I buy the CC single app?"

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          It has come with every other version of Photoshop, so the answer has to be yes.

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            gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            It's a separate download in Creative Cloud. Just go into your CC Desktop app list and Briidge CC should have an install button. Click on that and it should download and install for you at no extra charge.

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              "Bridge" is nothing more and nothing less than Photoshop's old File Browser, renamed and re-branded to fit the fictitious suite concept.


              The "suite" concept is a fabrication of Adobe marketing and bean-counting types.  The engineering teams are totally independent of each other, they are not only in different buildings but in different cities and states of the American Union, even in different countries.


              The fact that they have little if any communication among them is highlighted by requests occasionally made in these forums by top Adobe engineers to let the other teams know when there are problems in one application that impact our workflow in another one.

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                gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Actually whether you consider the Suite a unified concept or not, if you are using a variety of Adobe products Bridge does the job well. Here's a great testimonial of what it does according to one user:


                Bridge is the coordinating hub of the Creative Suite. Synchronizing color management settings for all suite programs is done from Bridge, and can only be done from Bridge, to take one important use.


                Bridge displays actual thumbnails of many more file types than Finder or Explorer. It also allows instant play of sound or video files more readily than the native OS file managers.


                Bridge allows direct access to file metadata, to embed copyright information and keywords where appropriate (e.g., for corporate logo vector and raster files). It also displays the fonts used in an InDesign file, the swatches in an INDD or AI and the output plates (including spot color plates) they use.


                When managing the assets for a design project, Bridge allows quick and simple sorting, rating and custom labeling (with color flash indications) of assets. I can rate images according to whether they are rejects, possibles, for review by client, or approved. The filters built into Bridge allow instant isolation of only the approved images or designs in a folder, only the rejects (for deletion) or only files with certain ratings, no matter how many files it contains. It recognizes aspect ratios, so if I only need a landscape or a 16:9 image in a folder of hundreds of images, I turn off the aspect ratios I don't need.


                Once filtered, the remaining visible files can be selected and copied, moved, or deleted without affecting the rest of the contents of a folder.


                Collections are a massively useful feature. One of my clients is a performing arts center, and in a season we turn out dozens of ads, flyers, brochures, web banners, playbills, billboards and other collateral using the same assets over and over. These assets are organized by artist and/or show on disk, but I set up each season's repeating assets as a Collection in Bridge, so that I just have to open the collection and drag and drop these assets into new INDD, AI, PSD, HTML (in Dreamweaver), FLA or AE projects without having to navigate from folder to folder picking up individual files.


                Bridge's Favorites is another place I stack frequently-accessed folders, such as stock photography, backgrounds, and top-level folders for active projects.


                Assets can be divided into subfolders, but a quick toggle of "Show items from subfolders" exposes all of the assets in a single view while maintaining their organization. I will typically keep AIs, PSDs, EPSs, stock photography and client images in separate subfolders within a project. When I'm ready to start pulling assets into an InDesign layout, I toggle this on and simply drag what I need into the layout.


                Bridge comes with Adobe Camera Raw built in, which is many times faster than using Photoshop to adjust jpegs or tiffs for things like tonal range, white balance, cropping, spotting and sharpening, and is non-destructive.


                One tremendously useful Bridge function for InDesign CS5+ users is the "Show linked files" feature, which opens all the linked files in a layout into a single view, regardless of where they are physically located. I often use this when doing alternative layouts from a client-approved mockup for a campaign, to be certain the same assets are used in each piece, or when creating a motion graphic or interactive piece for the campaign in After Effects or Flash.


                The batch and image processing scripts built into Bridge automate things like creating web-ready small jpegs from multiple images, renaming large numbers of files in place or by copying to an alternative location, creating sets of PSD, png, jpeg or other file types from an assortment of image files, and so on.


                Bridge is so much a part of my daily workflow that on my main workstation I have one monitor dedicated to it almost 100%. Bridge just sits open 24/7, ready for use. I would run at half speed without it, no question.


                Not bad for an old file browser.

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                  Gene, I also have Bridge open 24/7.


                  My comments are meant not to put down Bridge but the fallacy of the suite concept. 


                  …and to stress that, of course, Bridge comes with Photoshop.

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                    Bridge comes with Adobe Camera Raw built in…


                    That is inaccurate at best.   ACR is not built into Bridge in any way, shape or form.


                    Bridge can host ACR just like Photoshop can, but Bridge is a Photoshop plug-in that is not installed anywhere near Bridge.  I'm sure you know this.