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    Which Graphic Card Quadro K2000 or GTX 660 Ti

    josephchau Level 1



      I just got  a HP Z800 workstation, and plan to use this PC mostly for video editing

      such as premiere Pro CC, After Effect CC and some gaming ( about 20% for game)


         * PSU 850 W

         * Dual 2x Xeon 5560 @ 2.8 GHz

         * 24 Gb RAM

         * 1x SSD Samsung 840 Pro 512 Gb (contains window-7)

         * 1x SSD Samsung 840 Pro 256 Gb (for cache and video rendering)

         * 2x WD Raptor @ 500 Gb each total 1.0 Tb in RAID-0 (for source video clip)

         * 1x 2.0 Tb WD 7500rmp (for back up)

         * No Video Card yet

         * 1x DVD/WR


      Which video card Quadro K2000 or GTX 660 Ti is good for video editing especially

      work well with premiere Pro and After effects.   I've heard that GTX 660 Ti get more

      CUDA and bandwidth and faster and cheaper than Quadro.  On other hand my PC

      is a workstation, I'm not sure if gaming card like GTX 660 Ti is working for this workstation


      your opionion and help is greatly appreciate


      Best Regard