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    Adobe CS6 32bit Extension error when trying to browse in bridge.

    SandraChung Level 1

      There are times I have to use the 32bit version of CS6, because the plugin being used can't be used in the 64bit version. But the last two days, this error started up out of the blue.


      This is the error popup I get, verbatim "Could Not Complete the Browse In Bridge command because Photoshop was unable to find the Javascript plug-in"


      This error doesn't happen with the 64Bit version, nor does it happen in CS5 64 or 32bit, and not in CC 32bit (downloaded the trial to test to see if it was a 32bit compatbility problem) and none of these cough up this error.


      I haven't copied or deleted any parts of Adobe or any files in any of the program directories.


      Adobe CS6 32bit Error.jpg