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    Dropping Frames during Playback with AVC Intra 50

    rml48 Level 1

      I work in TV News and we recently switched from DVCPROHD 720P 60 to AVC-Intra 50 720p 60.  The DVCPRO HD worked great with Premiere. When video was placed on the timeline the clips had a green line over them and everything played glitch-free, with no dropped frames.  The AVC-Intra 50 is a different story.  On the timeline it comes in with a yellow line over the video, and the drops frames when played in the timeline. Rendering the sequence changes the yellow line to green, but it still drops frames. We feed out via the thunderbolt connection to an AJA i xt breakout box, and I'm getting video and audio glitches when feeding. This was never a problem with the DVCPROHD. The sequence settings are set correctly for AVC.  I tried changing resolution of program monitor to 1/2 and it had no effect.


      I'm editing on


      Macbook Pro OS X Version 10.8.4

      Processor 2.7 GHz Intel i7

      8GB 1600 Mhz DDR3

      Latest Version of Adobe Premiere CC



      These are my sequence settings for video previews