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    MasterPage Margins going wrong on Syncronize

    Asher31 Level 1

      So i've just started putting a book together and thought i would syncronise the styles and master pages from my template/first chapter.


      When i do that however my B (and C, but that is based on B) master page seems to change alignment from being a left page (which it should always be) to being a right page, and this changing the margins (as my margins are asymetrical).


      I've played around and googled as much as i can but no luck. The only thing worth mentioning is that the file i'm tryiong to syncronise with is actually a duplicate of first chapter with the title changed and the content removed. Can provide screenshots if it helps.



      Any and all help is sorely needed as i have spent about 3 hours trying to work this out so far. Maybe its something as simple as making sure Master Page B is always a left page? is that possible?