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    Exif "subject distance", shows in Bridge 5, gone in Bridge 6


      Just made the switch from CS5 to CS6. The Camera Data (Exif) panel in Bridge 5 gives me the Subject Distance value. In Bridge 6 that field is not shown. Under Preferences>Metadata, the Subject Distance field is checked in both versions. What has happened to this datum in Bridge 6?


      In my case this is true for both native NEF files and when the same file is converted to DNG.


      It is true for both old and recent files and for files from D700 and D800 cameras.


      In the case of these two cameras, the Subject Distance is found under the Makers Notes but is not found under the Exif data as reported by ExifToolGUI.


      However if one examines the advanced tab in file info, one finds the following:

      In both Bridge 5 and Bridge 6 there is an entry under Exif Properties labeled "Subject Distance"


      So the question remains: why is this datum displayed in the Camera Data (Exif) Panel of Bridge 5 but not in Bridge 6? And what can be done to correct this glitch?


      Addendum / Correction

      I have just discovered the following:  Older (raw) files which had been previously opened with Bridge 5, regardless if they were edited or not, when now opened in Bridge 6 do show the Subject Distance in the Exif Panel


      I have posted this question in the Bridge General Discussion section, but have been advised that I may receive further help in this forum.


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