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    Need some basic information

    makerimage Level 1

      I need to know a few things:

      1. How do I connect, collapse and disconnect windows (tool bar, property manager, etc.)? They get stuck together and I can't unstick them.

      2. What's the difference between canvas size and image size?

      3. Which tools are only for web design (i.e. tools I can ignore if I'm not doing that)?

      4. What's the subselection tool do?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Marco_ALEX Level 1

          1-you just drag and drop the windows to the right side of the program,open the window you want,drag it and drop it wen it hovers to the color blue over the right panel.



          2-canvas is the element designed to enlose your area for rendering graphics,the canvas size is the size of that area


          you can adjust the size of the cancas so your image fits there perfectly


          you can choose trim or fit  canvas to the image.

          3-fireworks is a program for designing web graphics, i think all tools are for the web but you can also do logos,manipulate images,do animations ,etc.

          4-Once you select an item whith the selection tool you click on the subselection tool and you get all the anchor point of the item you selected whith the selection  tool,whith the subselection tool you can move these anchor points anyway you like to change or distort the item,ect.