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    I need help choosing a scanning software


      I am a real estate appraiser, and I generate fairly large 8.5x11" paper files for each report I create - maybe 20-30 pages.  Is there any software that will scan my stack of paper, allow me to add a "section title page" in the appropriate place (for example, "order", or "contract", or "survey") to each stack, and then create a "tab" for that title page?  Right now I just have a stack of paper, all in the proper order, in a manila folder that goes into a file cabinet.  Typically it consists of the order from my client, then tax records, then contracts, surveys, statistical data I produce, comparable sales data, and "other" items.

      What I am trying to accomplish is to build a PDF "book", so that when I look at that PDF document, I see these tabs that I use every day and I can go right to that section to see the info within.  I guess it would be the same as a bookmark;  I want the software to use OCR to scan the entire folder of papers, but while doing so it would see that page that only has "Survey" written on it and automatically know to make that a bookmark.   I don't really have time to scan each group of papers, create bookmarks, create a table of contents, etc; I just want to be able to drop my bundle of papers into my scanner, hit "scan", and then save that PDF document to the proper place on my PC.   


      Am I asking for way too much?