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    Are exported files supposed to be so large?


      I recently completed my first video project using Premiere Pro CS5. (I had used iMovie before.) The video runs apprx 45 mins in length and I used at least two layers at all times with up to as many as 4. Every clip was scaled up to 600% as I didn't know what the output size would be like and I was under a slight time crunch. The finished/exported file was 9.69 GB!!! Is there a way to flatten layers (like in Illustrator or Photoshop), compress the file or anything else to make finished file smaller. I'm thinking scaling everything up to 600% might have been a big reason file was so large. Any info or input is welcome.

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What are you editing, and what is your output codec?

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            Sanders29 Level 1

            It was a video for my friends band that they played at a show. All assets were captured using a Canon A520 digital camera (recorded directly from TV screen) and then imported as AVIs. I'm kind of sketchy on the whole codec thing/terminology. I burned one copy to standard DVD using Encore and exported as Quicktime (mov) file. For the quicktime file I ended up having to use Media Encoder b/c Premiere kept crashing.

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              Do video output video formats and best same。 picture will be more clear picture quality will be better!

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                Hi Sanders29,


                in MediaEncoder you can choose the codec you want it to use. Codecs like h264 give you smaller files with high compression. By adjusting the data rate you can

                control the quality and the size of the project. There is also a filesize caluclator that estimates the file size in the media encoder and it adjusts to the data rate you


                If you want to burn it on a DVD you can also chose the right codec and container which would be an mpeg2 (video) and ac3 (audio). This usually lets you select

                an option with "best for 60/90/120mins of video". Or you can adjust the data rate to the max. DVD capacity.


                The scaling or multi layering is not a problem for the file size of the final output. Everything will be rendered to one video and audiostream (unless you export Stero or 5.1 Audio).


                I reckon that the problem is the length of the video. 45mins is quite long so you might have to split the film on 2 DVDs or a double layer DVD if you want better image quality.


                If this was recorded on a A520 digital you probably have 1920x1080 resolution? why did you size it up to 600%? This results in a huge quality loss!

                Please give more information about the conversion to AVI and resolutions you use to edit (sequence settings) and the original resolutions of the files.