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    When will Flash Builder 5 be released?

    whatkindisthis Community Member

      When will Flash Builder 5 be released?

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          drunk.cat Community Member

          +1 for the question


          Hey Adobe, any plans for next Flash Builder? 4.8? 5.0?

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            Intoxo Pox Community Member

            Inquiring minds want to know!

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              mjfernandes Community Member

              Hope this was true flash builder 5, but I think no.  

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                pauland Community Member

                Do you really think Adobe has any interest in Flex anymore?

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                  jmichas Community Member

                  I think this is ridiculous, cant Adobe post some sort of FB roadmap (if one exists) and let those of us using flex know whether there will be tools coming. If FB is dead then I might as well stop developing in it. I can believe the entire product line for flash is geared around games. Some of us out here actually make applications for business and not entertainment.


                  Its horrible that adobe's move to open source flex has basically dropped the bottom out of the flex community. Frameworks like parsley, mate, etc. have all been abandoned since there is really no clear direction for the technology.


                  I pay adobe for the creative cloud subscription and I want to know whether the app I live in will be alive in the future. If not I will give up on my adobe subscription, I can live without photoshop, illustrator and fireworks. Then my money is probably better spent with Xamarin or something like that where I can develop in C# anyway since all my backend stuff is MS stack technology.


                  I for one have been involved in Flash developement since the days of Future Splash Animator when macromedia bought it and made it Flash v1. Its a shame to give up on a platform with so many current features and so much potential.


                  Adobe, let us know.


                  Maybe we can get adobe to open source the FB IDE code.

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                    Nicolas Dion-Bouchard Community Member

                    Any update on this? Can we get some sort of a roadmap or something? Should we be moving to other products (FDT, FlashDevelop)? I prefer Flash Builder but it lacks features and stability. It's not perfect but it does the job. What's next Adobe?

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                      XIDA.de Community Member

                      Maybe Adobe will abandon Flash Builder in the future. They updated all product names to "CC" like "Photoshop CC" but Flash Builder still has a number in the name. At least it seems like they don't care alot about this product.

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                        Ulimetic Community Member

                        Shameless bump ?

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                          olegkon Community Member

                          Agree. Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems Flex is practically dead at Adobe.

                          Killing Flash VM for Android was a good indication.

                          I wish to be wrong here...  :-(


                          So lets switch to IntelliJ Idea for Flex.

                          It is not worse than FB4.7, and is actively getting developed.

                          See: http://www.jetbrains.com/idea/features/flex_ide.html


                          Has decent support for HTML5 too (but check their WebStorm if you are really into JavaScript..)



                          Thank you,


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                            SourceSkyBoxer Community Member

                            Good idea, i want work on Flash Builder 5


                            PS: Suggestion for mossed components since 2004 by Macromedia Inc.

                            Very old components from Flash MX 2004 / Flash 8 we missed there.

                            Flex SDK sees **** because xml-list for menu and it sometimes get error like menu doesn't load xml.

                            I knew about good functions by menu components from MX 2004 / 8 like thios

                            <instance> is menu component:




                              // Convert from old component by Macromedia into AS3

                              import components.Menu;

                              import components.MenuItem; // Idea by SourceSkyBoxer



                              import flash.Display.Sprite;

                              import flash.events.MouseEvent;



                              public class MainApp extends Sprite


                              private var menu:Menu;

                              private var fileItem:MenuItem;

                              private var closeItem:MenuItem;



                              public function MainApp()


                              menu = new Menu();


                              menu.x = menu.y = 10;



                              fileItem = new MenuItem();

                              fileItem.label = "File";




                              closeItem = new MenuItem();

                              closeItem.label = "Close an application!";

                              closeItem.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, onClickCLose);




                              private function onClickCLose(mev:MouseEvent):void


                              // Something function for handler





                            PS: I really missed Menu Component because MouseEvent.RightCLick / MouseEvent.CONTEXT_MENU are available since Flash Player 9. I am getting crazy because Menu Component from Flash Pro 9, 10, 11 and 12 haven't yet. Now Flex SDK has MouseEvent.CONTEXT_MENU here and i have tested Menu from Flex Component ( Flex SDK 3.6.0a ) = It works fine like i have created example desktop into Flash Player 11


                            Build by Flex SDK 4.9.11 with MX Version.


                            But i want go back Flash Pro CS5.5 / Flash Pro CS6. - Did you develop any minimal components for Pure AS3?

                            And i have tested with Aspiere Component uiMenu and it works fine, too with Away 3D under Flash Builder 4.5

                            PS: Aspire Components has faked skins like Windows 2k, XP and Vista Skins



                            There images are Flash Player 12, Aspire Component UI by Ghostwire with Away3D 4.1.6

                            But Aspire Component sees like Flex Components But they won't work with Away 3D - View3D inside uiWindow was hidden.


                            For future with Flash Player 13/14 looks like accessed hidden contextmenu like Qooxdoo Frameworks. I want to hide with Flash Player's Contextmenu.

                            Application's Container should to set to false without contextmenu. = No contextmenu? If they like this.... Thanks for support

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                              Pother Community Member

                              Don't hold your breathe on Adobe...

                              Hopefully they'll keep making a "profit" on Flash Professional vs. the "expense" they put into Flash Player and AIR...

                              ...otherwise the bean counters will most likely orphan Flash completely.


                              If Adobe wanted to make money with Flex and Flash... all they had to do was copy the Microsoft model for their development tools... and stand up for the quality of the Flash/Flex technology vs. the crap-that-is-HTML5.


                              Instead they started with Flex 1 (or was it 2?) selling at $12,000 a seat... and aimed only for Enterprise level developers.

                              And then ultimately by 4.x caved to Steve Jobs (who was threatened by Flash actually making Steve's AppStore unnecessary), and the UX-idealists (who think reinventing the wheel every year for SXSW is productive).


                              And Adobe has devoted so much of their developer "expense" on reinventing the wheel... and there seem to be many people outside who also think rebuilding EVERYTHING in Javascript is the way to go.


                              When someone replaces Flash Professional with a equivalent quality tool that codes in Javascript and outputs SVG (or whatever HTML5 considers "pure") files...

                              AND when those files can run in all the web-browsers WITHOUT a plug-in as fast and well as FlashPlayer (because that's what the idealists demanded)...

                              THEN maybe I'll believe the whole ridiculous effort was worth it.


                              FlashBuilder 4.8 or 5.0... from Adobe...  I expect the resurrection of Steve Jobs as an HTML5 web-app will happen first.

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                                jmichas Community Member

                                Pother, I wish this was stackoverflow so I could give you +1 for best FB rant ever, hilarious.

                                Who let you in my head to steal my thoughts anyway?


                                The convoluted Adobe product strategy couldn't have been put any better, I miss Macromedia.

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                                  Wingnow Community Member

                                  Not answered? But everyone here definitely want one.

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                                    gperry91 Community Member

                                    Can we PLEASE get an update on this? 4.7 was released over 2 years ago...

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                                      valopaint Community Member

                                      I cannot understand how is it possible this so obvious advanced development product as Flash with conjunction with Flash Builder to be abandoned!

                                      It is more than stupidity rather than logical decision!!!

                                      Even when the opponents of Flash caught CPU in their left hand are carrying about the mystic CPU load will admit :

                                      The Flash is Supreme for the New Digital FX Generation!

                                      So, people,

                                      let come together!

                                      Let be united!

                                      And if Adobe will acts like a blind men let give to us the Flash/Flex community the full open source of this ultimate irreplaceable products and we will do the impossible - To bring the glory of it!

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                                        brainyBohannan Community Member

                                        Adobe has completely abandoned Flex/Flash community. Flash builder 4.7 doesn't have the design view for flex. And there has not been any update on Flash Builder for past 2 to 3 years. Steve Jobs, did what he does, but Adobe stopped believing in this powerful technology, due to which is dying now.

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                                          Nicolas Dion-Bouchard Community Member

                                          What a comment! Seriously? First, Adobe did not "abandoned" Flex/Flash, they gave Flex to the open community. Second, Flash is not part of that deal since they still develop Flash Pro and are still actively developing Flash Player and AIR for desktop and mobiles (AIR). So, we know that there is no other version of FB coming with Flex, fine. But the question here is about Flash Builder for ActionScript development. Flash Pro is fine but is not intended for big coding project, more for animation and illustration. Flash Builder is (was) the product of choice for that end and I think it still have some place in the developers community as a new version would be great for all of them (me included).

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                                            yonnyz48244733 Community Member

                                            This is indeed ridiculous... Why aren't Adobe saying anything about Flash Builder....If they're releasing new versions of flash pro, and updating the AIR runtime, why aren't they saying anything? How else are we supposed to build large scale projects? Whay isn't there a CC version of FB? Why aren't you releasing some kind of roadmap?  Adobe- you guys are a joke.

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                                              drunk.cat Community Member

                                              Let's face it, the new version will never be available. If you are not happy with Flash Builder 4.7, try IntelliJ IDEA.

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                                                Nicolas Dion-Bouchard Community Member

                                                Interesting. You can build AIR applications and swf files with IntelliJ IDEA? I did quick research and it seems that you can code JavaScript and web stuff but I saw no sign of AS3 at all...