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    help with dividing scanned photos and saving bins


      hello all, I am in the process of dividing scanned photos from over 1000 different files. Each file has roughly 10-15 images. I am using Photoshop elements for this task because of the 'divide scanned photos' option which is located under the image tab and as far as I am aware is not available in Photoshop. Elements is doing a decent job dividing the images but some require me using the crop tool to manually divide images. My first issue arises here; when using the crop tool I first have to duplicate the file I am cropping to prevent loosing the original file. -any suggestions on ways to save the cropped image onto a separate file and preserve the original? The next issue arises when I am saving. These are .tiff images so I am saving them as .tiffs. Any suggestions on how to save all the images in the bin in one action? Even under bin actions/ save bin as an album I still have to rename each file one by one because every image is defaulted to the exact same original name. So I have to keep going in and manually changing each name to prevent overwriting of files. in the bin it's says for example 33copy1, 33copy2 33copy4 and so on but when saving each file is defaulting to the same name of 33. The last issue I am having is under tiff options which is the screen that appears after saving a tiff. is it possible to set your options once and then not have to set them again? As of now I am having to set my tiff options after every save. Thanks everyone for your time it is very much appreciated.