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    How to animate people rotating in a circle?




      I have a banner on my home page, I made it with photoshop, excuse me I'm not much of a designer.

      Please help me out, I want to make the little blue people rotate around the world map and maybe even

      have some inner lights glowing as they move about.


      How can I do this please give me some tips, it would be greatly appreciated.

      check out the banner on the left side of the page www.aznville.com


      Please dont use any pro phrases thx.

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          Hey Izzybell91,


          this is something that you might want to ask in the After Effects Section. Within Adobe Premiere you don't have the option of 3D layers which makes an

          animation like the one you want too difficult for this application.


          The easiest way for you would be to get a 3D Model of stickmen and import them to After Effects. Active 3D an make a 3D layer of the stickemen. Go to top

          view and set the anchor point to the middle of the cirlce. Go to the transform--> rotation option (or press "r") in your layer. Activate the mini clock to enable keyframing.

          This allows you to animate your stickmen circle. Then you forward the cursor about 6-7 seconds I guess (depends on how fast you want them to rotate) and

          enter 360° for rotation.


          Then go to active camera for your view option and get the right camera angle.

          Add composition to render que. Choose the format you need. Render.