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    crash during import of ts files


      hi !


      my environment:


      win8 pro, 8gb ram, premiere cs6


      my problem:


      i have an hard-disc videorecorder which records hd-movies in the usal sequenze of

      approx 1GB mpeg-ts files:


      AVC videostream, AC3 audio stream

      bitrate approx 10000 Kbps, 1920x1080, 25fps AVC (main@L4.0)


      trying to import those files into my premiere ends after importing two files and

      than an errormessage comes up with '.. not enough storage on your pc..' or

      '..general failure during import..'




      importing the same files on same pc to my simple magix video deluxe works without

      any problems




      thank you for hints to solve that issuer with premiere pro