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    Premiere Pro CC not playing fair with .mov files


      I have a CC account and use Premiere Pro on my PC with no issues so far except that the RAM and Graphics card suck. So I decided to run on my laptop running windows 8 rather than 7.


      AE runs with no issues (so far), but when I use Premiere Pro it does not like .mov files for some reason.

      I imported files from my iPad and it gives me this message:


      Error Message

      "The FIle Has no Audio or Video Streams"


      To work around it for now, I converted the file into mp4 and imported to edit from there. Now issue is that we need to place a lower third. I have an AE project as the .mov file imports into that no problem, but when I then export as quicktime file for the alpha channel it still will not import into Premiere Pro, same error message.


      I can export as .avi but then the file screams 'MASSIVE' as it is over 1.5gb cpmpared to the 32mb as a .mov file.


      Bottom line, cannot get any .mov to import into PP on my laptop even though it works fine on my PC. Also, .mov files play fine in AE??


      Please HELP